KTM 790 / 890 Adventure Skid plate. Weight : 3.85 Kg. The 790 / 890 KTM adventure AXP skid plate is made of HDPE (high density polytehtylen) plastic 8mm thick. The use of the material allow to offer a maximum of protection by saving weight. It doesn’t undergo déformations and doesn’t save impacts. Contraty to alloy plates, plastic give you a real sensation of silence and does not reproduce the noise like rock can bring on alloy skid paltes ! Our model is not fitted directly in the engine to avoid issues and uses alloy brackets at the rear plus 4 points in the front frame. The tank protection is assured and avoid to buy crash bars as well. An anti mud guard and a decal kit are supplied ! WARNING ! The stock 890 fuel pump guard will interfier with our skid plate, we recommend to use the ROTTWEILER PERFORMANCE item which is smaller and makes the fitment easier. Our skid plate uses the unused center stand pivots for mounting, which makes it not compatible with any after market center stands !