Husqvarna Norden 901 Skid plate. HARD Version - 3.8Kg - The AXP bashplate for the Husqvarna 901 Norden has been developed to protect the engine block and the tank from heavy impacts. Made of 8mm thick HDPE (High Density Polyethylen plastic), this HARD version uses a specific fixation system at the rear for a maximum of resistance and has absolutely no direct link in the engine to avoid any damage. A 8mm thick foam is supplied to stick between the plate and the tank and save it from any friction. The sticker is supplied but not stuck on the skid plate. A mud guard is included in the package and will allow to let a maximum of debris out of the bashplate without impacting the cooling. Advantages compared to alloy ? Lighter, quieter, plastic does not create vibrations and doesn't stay deformed after an impact, you’ll love it when maintenance will come. NOTE: This model is NOT COMPATIBLE with a center stand. If you want a center stand, please check our second option, the TOURING version available on the ADVENTURE PAGE. Does not fit with any crash bars,

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